Lane Daveys Press and Editorial Exposure
Magazines/ Newspapers:
USA: Surfing, SG Cover, WWD, Surf Life for Women, Surfer, Wahine, H3O, Honolulu Star Bulletin, Tiare Girl, Shred, Carnival(cover), Freesurf Magazine
Japan: Surfaholic, Surfing Life, Fine, Flow, Surf Trip,
Austrailia: Chick, Underground Surf, Waves
France:Trip Surf, Surf Saga
Germany: Allegra
Brazil: Now(cover)

Watergirl Ad- this is the true mark of a true pioneer

Videos: Us Girls Freedom Bodyboarding, Soaking Wet Girls,
 Flip Cryp Clips, Raw Power, Fluid Combustion

TV/Movie: Lifetime Television, H3O, Backdoor, channel 2 News surf reports, Wet n Wild, E!,
MTV, Surf Sista Documentary Austrailia, double for Hoku Ho in "How do I feel" music video,
background surfer in Blue Crush, surfer in Cheryl Crow's top video "Soak up the Sun"

Surf Photo Gallery
Us Girls Designer