Us Girls Catalog 2005
In 2005 Us Girls brings the surf to the street. An original 80s B-Girl (breakdancer) designer Lane Davey aka Laneski is quick to bring urban graphics to her new range of tees as well as on her functional bikinis. This year
you will see the old subway art graffiti printed on bikinis, a tag bikini along with atheltic prints and fabric.
Subway Art Football Jersy Tag Polyester Honu Camoflauge Tees
Ribbed tees
Crew Fleece

Us Girls is available to order now with 30 days delivery. Some items are in stock.We allow terms up to N90 for exsisting accounts and COD for new accounts. All our bikinis are sold as seperates

You can find Us Girls in these stores:
The Armory Records San Diego, Gone Bananas San Diego, The Armory Hawaii,
Wave Riding Vehicles Haleiwa, Hawaii Surf n Sail Haleiwa and House of Flys.Honolulu

    us. Hawaii