The Moniz Ohana

For Tony, wife Tammy and 7 children, ITS ALL ABOUT FAITH. Sure, it's the name of their ever rising surf brand, but for Tony his faith in Christ comes first and he considers it the thing that keeps his life and priorities in alignment. His vision for Faith Riding Company is parrallel with the principles he sets for his own children. More than money, Tony wants his brand to be an internationally known company which promotes a "clean source of living". Faith Riding Company confronts the dark side saying that "drugs ain't real, " we can still be "clean, but radical" and thats cool too. He accepts it may take time to pursue a youth market with such high standards, but is willing to wait generations if he has to to make a difference.

While he admits the business has kept him out of the water in the past, the newly integrated Faith Riding Surf School brings his office to the beach. Not only does he have a job that keeps him in shape for surfing, but spending time with the kids is surfing with all 7 of them after work. Having all of his kids in the line up is "like a dream" says Tony where he just looks across to his wife and says "this is it." Tony considers surfing "his gift" to his kids and even considers giving it to others at his surf school more fun than surfing on his own. Tammy says that surfing really brings the family together. "Fun and the pure passion of surfing" is the main thing Tony and Tammy hope to pass on to their children in the ocean. If they want to take it to a higher level they know they will have the guidance and support from their parents, but they can expect the same if they choose to do something else.

Tonys work and surfing with the family is enough to keep him in the physical shape he needs to surf big wave events like the Eddie Aikau. Though he does not have the time to spend in big waves like he used to, Tony draws mainly from his many years of experience and says his preparedness is 90% mental. He surfed Waimea on the day that the Eddie was cancelled and says he is "READY TO GO" He never thinks about losing his life and leaving his family behind in big surf because whenever he paddles out he feels confident and comfortable. His excitement for the big waves radiates to his wife who says she enjoys watching Tony compete in dangerous surf and is accustomed to it after their 17 years of marriage.

Tony says "its about a quality of life" whether it be the time he spends with his wife, kids, at work or just catching a wave to himself so he just trys to enjoy every moment of it as much as he can. Tammy atrributes the success of their marriage and their blessings to Tony's dedication, integrity and humility before the Lord. "He works really hard and will do whatever it takes" says Tammy, but is still able to leave his work at the office and be a great husband and father. None of this would be possible without FAITH.

by Lane Davey