Sean Davey bio in Boardstories magazine

If your smiling, it's because you already know Sean Davey and that's how he leaves you after a friendly visit or even a business meeting. Even if you don't have the ability to understand the strong Australian accent, his animated, charismatic stories are hilarous and leave even the most serious people with a more light hearted approach to their day or even their life. At times I wonder if he missed his calling as some type of Crocodile Davey Dundee man in Hollywood until I catch a glimpse of one of the unbelievable pictures covering our walls at home.

Unlike Sean's lighthearted attitude towards life his photography is dramatic and powerful. These artisic images often to grab a moment in time that is overlooked by most people. I guess if you don't have time to stop and smell the roses you can depend on Sean Davey's photos to do it for you. As in art, his photos have a way of making things look even better than you remember them, as you would see them in a dream, vision or fantasy. Much like his persona, his photos leave an impression, not easily forgotten.

His interest in photography began in 1977 on day that the waves were too small to surf. Photography revealed itself to Sean Davey when he was able to take a picture of a tiny wave that day and make it look epic, leaving all his surfer buddies in Bondi wondering when that day occured and how they missed it. A large portion of his work still seems to be focused on waves and their many forms that only a waterman could understand. In the year 2000 Sean Davey even had a book published which was totally devoted to different places and perspectives on Waves. He works with numerous magazines around the world, has dozens of covers to his name and is still able to find new ways to express his work, in new places with new waves. In the last couple years he has pioneered places like the Hebridie Islands, Nova Scotia and especially a wave called Shipstern's Bluff in his home land of Tasmania. Whether a surf spot you have seen a million times or the smallest wave on earth Sean's photography will always find that special perspective to to keep your eyes feasting on it.